First Steps, First College

Brooklyn College student Frederic Aurelie shares his first week experiences as a young freshman in a new environment. By: Nathaniel Butler As a freshman, the first week can always feel like the hardest when it comes to settling in, but that didn’t seem too much as the case for eighteen-year-old Frederic Aurelien,  who had quite… Continue reading First Steps, First College

FRANKENSTORM: Relief, Rebuild, Recover

By: Rachel Aviva Stein  “Sandy!!!”  “Tell me about it…stud!” One month after the East Coast was devastated by what is being reported as the second largest natural disaster in US history, behind only Hurricane Katrina, America is finally starting to put itself back together.  Efforts to rebuild and recover are well underway after an estimated… Continue reading FRANKENSTORM: Relief, Rebuild, Recover

How to Get Cheaper Textbooks

During my freshman year, on the first day of General Chemistry 1, I sat down in an Ingersoll lecture hall with my tenth edition of copy of Chemistry: The Central Science lent to me by a friend. I knew that it was a rather old edition; and even if I couldn’t tell by the cover,… Continue reading How to Get Cheaper Textbooks

The Perversion Files

Five years ago it was the Catholic Church. A year ago it was Penn State, and Syracuse University. Now it’s the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts are the most recent organization to show the world they would rather protect scum than sully their precious reputation. The documents known as “the perversion files,” which… Continue reading The Perversion Files

To Prepare or Not to Prepare, That is the Question

Have you started planning for your retirement?  You don’t have to tell me that given everything a college student has to worry about, including getting good grades and finding a job in the current competitive job market, that this question might seem like one coming out of left field.  It may even sound like something… Continue reading To Prepare or Not to Prepare, That is the Question

My Battle with Insomnia

A slender ray of unchecked light mocked me from behind the closed door. Its feeble glow struck the black of my eyes, those weary fading dots, egging me to blur out the last remaining hint of anything not pitch-dark. There would be no sleep otherwise. This was my life for a year. Without the complete… Continue reading My Battle with Insomnia

tty wen u gt off ur fone

I have a challenge for you: don’t use your phone for the rest of the day. Don’t check your email or Facebook. No Angry Birds or Words with Friends. Come on, try it out… it can’t be that hard. All you have to do is leave it in your pocket for the day. I’ll tell… Continue reading tty wen u gt off ur fone