First Steps, First College

Brooklyn College student Frederic Aurelie shares his first week experiences as a young freshman in a new environment. By: Nathaniel Butler As a freshman, the first week can always feel like the hardest when it comes to settling in, but that didn’t seem too much as the case for eighteen-year-old Frederic Aurelien,  who had quite… Continue reading First Steps, First College

How to Get Cheaper Textbooks

During my freshman year, on the first day of General Chemistry 1, I sat down in an Ingersoll lecture hall with my tenth edition of copy of Chemistry: The Central Science lent to me by a friend. I knew that it was a rather old edition; and even if I couldn’t tell by the cover,… Continue reading How to Get Cheaper Textbooks

How to Utilize LinkedIn

We all know that in today’s world, finding an internship or job is an extremely competitive task, and a rather difficult one at that.  Because of this, when you begin your career path, you must understand the value of networking.  Networking is probably one of the most important ways to forge connections with people who… Continue reading How to Utilize LinkedIn