Write the Night

By: Paulette Gindi

Candlelit evenings aren’t only for romantic dinner dates; they are also for writing workshops. Brooklyn College’s literary magazine, Stuck in the Library, hosts a free writing workshop every other Wednesday evening called Write the Night. The programming is directed by indie author and Brooklyn College alumni Algonquin Jones, and hosted by former Stuck in the Library president Yaakov Bressler.

This past Wednesday evening, September 21st, eleven writers gathered in Stuck in the Library’s creative space located in 0401 James, to write the hour away with creative writing and critical discussion.

“Close your eyes and pick out three note slips [from this cup] at random,” began Bressler at the start of the event, “then compose a piece of fiction connecting those three subjects.”

The writers had only fifteen minutes to compose a short story with the random words selected. Beth Mann, sophomore, selected three words: anxious, lawyer and small. Mann managed to compose a story of a law student struggling with stress.

“I began attending Write the Night events this semester,” said Mann when asked about her view on the event. “Finally, a workshop that is judgment-free and provides useful criticism.”

Each attendee had the opportunity to share their writing experience and read their unique story.

“Write the Night provides attendees the opportunity to exercise their creative muscles with their peers… in a fun and creative environment,” Jones answered when asked the mission of Write the Night.

The upcoming Write the Night will be taking place in the Student Center’s Aviary Room on October 5th at 8 p.m..




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