First Steps, First College

Brooklyn College student Frederic Aurelie shares his first week experiences as a young freshman in a new environment.

By: Nathaniel Butler

As a freshman, the first week can always feel like the hardest when it comes to settling in, but that didn’t seem too much as the case for eighteen-year-old Frederic Aurelien,  who had quite the head start on his Brooklyn College experience. During Brooklyn College’s 2016 club fair on August 30 at the West Quad, Aurelien could be see carrying himself with confidence among his peers as he fully embodied the appearance of a young adult enjoying his new academic lifestyle.  When questioned, Aurelien was pretty vocal about sharing his first week experience in a very telling interview. Select excerpts of the interview follow:

NB: So, can you tell me about the journey in coming to Brooklyn College? How did your first week treat you?

FA: Well, my first week was just so different, so different from anything I’d ever really been through. Just the vibe, the energy. And visually it’s so stimulating from regular high school life. Pretty much just the scene, and then getting to know the teachers, it’s just more freeing than public high school. Or more intimate in certain ways.

NB: What do you love about being at Brooklyn College?

FA: I’ve only had two days of classes; but what I love about being here – it’s a sense of family, definitely.
It’s a sense of everybody trying to look out for one another and bring each other up. You know, it wasn’t like that in high school. It was more like, “Push them out, push them out. Give them this, give them that.” But here, it’s like everybody is looking out for each other, it’s like a family.

NB: Was there anything that you were nervous about?

FA: Yeah, I was nervous that I wouldn’t do well at all… I was just told while I was in high school, “This is a bad high school,  this is a bad schooling system, they’re not getting you ready for college. You’re not going to know what to do.” But you know, I just had to trust myself, and that’s how the summer program helped me a lot. It helped me get focused on what I should do.

NB: Tell me about the summer program.

FA: Well, it’s the BLMI (Black and Latino Male Initiative) summer program. I got an email, and I wasn’t doing anything productive, so I was like, “Let me go to this, this is something that will probably get my mind right.” You know, transition from high school to college. It was just, it was really amazing, and I never knew there were so many opportunities out there for me. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have just been going to college, going to class, and coming back home, and not really being involved or anything.

NB: What are you looking forward to the most?

FA: I’m looking forward to building a family here, you know? Building friends here, and just getting my name out there, and just trying to go for everything I want to go for. And hopefully, BLMI can help me succeed.


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  1. Toni says:

    what a interesting article, and well written. I hope more young men become aware of this group on campus!!

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